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Hamster Club featured in 'The Malta Independent'
Author: Nadia Vella

A whole centre spread on such a popular newspaper was dedicated to Hamster-Club.com
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Thinking of getting a pet for your little ones? How about a hamster?
Author: Dina M. Giolitto

Thinking of getting a pet for your little ones? How about a hamster? They're cute, inexpensive, easy to care for, and a great first pet that will teach your child how to be more responsible.
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The Roborovski hamster
Author: Triana Rathads

Roborovski hamsters are cute beyond belief, the Roborovski hamster is the smallest at around 2 inches long, and fastest hamster species of them all.
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Hamster Club on Radio RTK
Author: Albert Saliba

Hamster Club received and gladly accepted an invitation from Radio RTK.
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Letters + feedback about our hamster club and hamster book!
Author: Nadia Vella

We would like to thank Maria Borg from Birkirkara for writing to ‘The Times’, 'In-Nazzjon', 'The Malta Independent on Sunday', 'Il-Gens', 'Illum', etc to thank us for the service we provide. Thanks, i
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