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Traveling by Car with your Hamster
Author: Ashton

Time to pack your bags and get a move on to the car for your vacation! But wait, your hamster! Where will your little buddy go?
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Hamster Club on the National Maltese Radio
Author: Hamster Club

Hamster Club Malta received an invite from the National Maltese Radio.
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New Free Hamster Games
Author: Nadia Vella

NEW hamster games for you to play!
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Which Hamster Toys Will Keep My Hamster Busy For a While?
Author: Alicia McWilliams

Some of the most popular hamster toys around and out there are hamster wheels etc.
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Hamster Club in 'Vida Magazine'
Author: Albert Saliba

Another hamster article about our club was issued by Nadia Vella and published on ‘Vida Magazine' in February’s 2010 issue.
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