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Hamster Club in 'Vida Magazine'
Author: Albert Saliba

Another hamster article about our club was issued by Nadia Vella and published on ‘Vida Magazine' in February’s 2010 issue.
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New HAMSTER CARTOON promo video!
Author: Nadia Vella

We are proud to launch our new Hamster Guide Book CARTOON promo for all hamster lovers to view!
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Why are hamsters ideal as pets?
Author: Hamster-Club Malta

Hamsters are ideal as pets for people who are at work or school during the day since hamsters are nocturnal, which makes them active on an evening and at night, whilst during the day hamsters will sle
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Join our hamster club on Facebook. follow us on Twitter and YouTube!
Author: Nadia Vella

View and check new hamster updates not only on our hamster site but also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!
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Hamster Health - Aspergillis Fungus
Author: Hamster Club

Aspergillis Fungus develops in the area of the cage where the hamster urinates.
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