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The Hamster named Fred's Story by Adele Tuffill
Author: Adele Tuffill

Some years ago, I was very heartbroken from losing my little girl Flo.
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Hamster Story by Marilyn Alexander
Author: Marilyn Alexander

I met a hamster one day in a pet shop, she was lively and affectionate and she very enthusiastically jumped straight into the tub that carried her home.
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Hamster Story by Abijah Alaniz
Author: Abijah Alaniz

So this is a story about a hamster that was a one of a kind pal.
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Hamster Story by Laura White
Author: Laura White

I have a special needs sister. My sister Sarah has severe autism, and she is petrified of cats and dogs.
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Hamster Story by Stephanie Cutajar
Author: Stephanie Cutajar

I've got such a touching and amazing story to tell about my cousin's hamster.
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