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Hamster Story by Sarah Adam
Author: Sarah Adam

One day when I was cleaning my hamster's cage, I suddenly realized Marshmallow was missing.
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Hamster Story by Zoe
Author: Zoe

I got my first hamster just 2 years ago and I feel in LOVE with them.
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Hamster Story by Nanette Hendler
Author: Nanette Hendler

This past spring, my daughter Ariel who was in 2nd grade, asked if she can have a hamster because her much older brother owns one.
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Hamster Comments
Author: Nadia Vella

Hamster Club is now giving the opportunity to all readers to comment on the hamster club articles.
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Hamster Story by Kary Yeung
Author: Kary Yeung

I have 3 cute golden hamsters right now; a mama hamster and 2 baby hamsters.
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