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5 Fascinating Hamster facts that you might not have noticed
Source: hamster-club.com

Do you think that Hamsters are dangerous? Absolutely not! Hamsters may be tiny, but these pocket friendly pets are so adorable that you canít resist yourself to play with them. These furry yet cuddly critters are so lovely and funny that you will love being they as a member of your family.

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Here are some of the fascinating facts regarding Hamster that you would like to know or may have missed to be noticed.

Fascinating Hamster Fact#1: Never bath Hamsters in water

This might out of logic but is absolutely true. If you make Hamsters bath like cats and dogs in water, this may literally kill them. The Hamsters are tiny animals. So if you pour water on them, the dissipation of heat will exceed the natural heat production inside their body.

This will automatically lead the Hamster in the state of shock. So it will have an adverse on the health of Hamsters as well.

Fascinating Hamster Fact#2: Make the Hamsters live comfortably

Special care and precaution must be taken to house the Hamsters. Make sure that you house the cage that you have brought is sufficient for the Hamster to live. If resided in the small cages, the Hamsters tend to become aggressive. The very obvious sign of the Hamsters becoming aggressive is when they try to bite the cage and the nets too often.

If you are owing Golden Hamsters, then the cage size should be a minimum of 825 cm. If the height is lower than this, this would lead to the extreme of the anger with Hamster.

Fascinating Hamster Fact#3: Not every Hamster is friendly at first

It is a common assumption of the pet owners that their pets will be lovely and friendly towards their masters once they are brought home. However, this may not be the case every time. This is because every Hamster has its own characteristics. Some Hamsters just need more time to become tamed. This depends on each hamster's character.

Fascinating Hamster Fact#4: The age of Hamsters is atmost 4 years

The average life span of Hamsters is very short, ranges from 2 to 2.5years. This is the reason that they are extremely active in the maturation. They can also start mating and breeding from the age of just 6 weeks. But it is always recommended to the owners to wait until they are 3 months old.

However, the life span of the Roborovski Hamsters are often over 3 years. But the hamsters over the 3.5 years or 4 are rare that you can hear of.

Fascinating Hamster Fact#5: Newborn hamsters are blind

The Infant Hamster, ďPupĒ is blind when it is newly born. It canít open its eyes until it becomes two weeks. Later on, they gain remarkable depth, yet they suffer from inadequate eyesight.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, these points will help you to understand your pet in a better manner. It will give you some important trivia of information to pass on to your Hamster lovers and other animal lovers. Got any facts that you would like to add in this list? Let us discuss!

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